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Welcome to Magen David

About our Synagogue

Magen David, Sephardic Congregation is a warm and welcoming synagogue that has been in operation for the last 60 years.  We offer daily prayers services and weekly classes.   On Shabbat we have a Children's Program and offer a beautiful kiddish at the end of services.   We are located in the Bathurst and Sheppard area.  We are proud to say we have over 100 families and we are always growing!   If you are interested in joining our us, please contact 

About Rabbi Messod Azoulay

Born & raised in Toronto, Rabbi Azoulay graduated from Ohr Haemet, Toronto's only Sephardic School, & Ner Israel Yeshiva. From there he spent 9 years in Jerusalem where he studied in Yeshiva & Kollel. He received Semicha from Haham Amram Assayag and from Rabbi Yitzchak Kaufman - Rosh Kollel and Posek in Ramot, Jer-usalem. He is also qualified in Marot Niddah, Hashgacha Training, Torat Hamishpacha & Chatan Teacher Training.

 As an Assistant Rabbi of a large synagogue with 220 families there were many demands for all age groups. His goal was to identify & locate areas that were lacking and looked to fill the holes. Since being on the job, almost 3 years ago, programs have been developed, implemented & maintained from young to old. Rabbi Azoulay has worked extremely hard in his career cultivating and maintaining relationships, so don’t be surprised to get a call from the Rabbi; he wants to personally get to know each one of you.


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